Summer Inspiration and Randoms

by - Thursday, June 30, 2011

So its midnight, and rather than trying to continue writing a precis on German aesthetic theory, I figured I would write a blog on summeryness that I think really works. I am not sure how often Diablo Cody is featured on blogs about fashion, but I really loved her Louise Brook phase with all the tattoos and such. It worked. Also, she had an awesome tweet this week that could not ring any truer: "When I was a teen, most of my friends were guys. Thought of myself as a cool 'guy's girl' but was actually a needy attention whore." I would never call a girl that, and I have some girlfriends who really have trouble getting on with other women, but that kind of "guy's girl" attitude, where you are still essentially seeking out male validation? Pretty lame.

Speaking of girls loving on other girls, I love the expression of the two in the background of this picture.  Don't worry ladies! You all look super super cute!

Ok, I know I have talked about Ginger before, but how freaking gorgeous is she? This may be the most beautiful picture I have seen of anyone ever.  I am not sure what this has to do with summer, but she sure is super fresh.

Did you know Ginger was married 5 times? And she was an avid skeet shooter? Thank you, someone else's random blog. The point of this is that I want her shoes. 

Beach picture in France in the 60's- Because apparently the nude beach was closed. Still, you can tell she owns it.

Some designs by the wonderful and fabulous Sonia Delaunay- her husband was the more famous collaborator in  their lifetime, but lately I have seen her name start to pop up as a fashion muse for good reason. The woman knows her way around design and a woman's body. I would definitely wear the swimsuit on the far right (and I would get to feel all fancy and Orphismy about it).


Yeah that's right, its more Ginger. She has become my fashion template this year I think. She looks cute, and people who have never really watched her probably think of her as cool and elegant, but she is actually super hilarious and quirky. And her hair always looks perfect. 

I think this is actually from like 1916 or 17. This picture makes me want to go to the beach, but also I feel a little sullen.  Like I want to go, but I feel morose about it. Like I want to build a sand castle, but I am just too sad.

Oh Bettie Page, your swimsuit reminds me of a vagina dentata, but your bangs are adorable. I guess you can't win them all. Also, Weegee took this picture, so you know its a win.

I think I found this picture of Life Magazine's website in a slideshow of swimsuit photographs over the decades (this is from 1925). I will be pondering its awesomeness for the rest of the summer. Something profoundly intimate/sapphic is going on here, but the real question is why is one of the girls wearing a wool hat?  No matter what level it is operating on, I feel this is just the kind of female bonding ( and the super cute haircuts) that Diablo Cody would support. Don't hang with the boys, girls; just wear their hats and smoke your cigarettes. Happy summer everyone.

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