5 Things I Love this Week

by - Tuesday, June 28, 2011

1. New York!! It is such a happy week for the gay and lesbian community. It was especially lovely that the decision took place 2 days before the annual pride parades. A celebration was already planned in! Hopefully this decision will spread around the country, because their basic rights as human beings should not be denied. In fact, it is sort of ridiculous it has taken so long for New York, but a win should propel the movement forward (at least I hope).
2. Proper use of the Ven Diagram- A GQ article by David Friedman about "middlebrow" tastes has been getting some traction on the interweb, but I think the most shocking part of the article is not its general obnoxiousness, but a totally ridiculous and incorrect use of ven diagrams! He wants a spectra not overlapping spheres! Is being able to do math too middlebrow for GQ? On the other hand, the article's point is to care enough about your cultural choices to not just like what everyone else likes, which I can get behind. On the other hand it perpetuates certain myths about the modes of commodities in late capitalism, where "high" art somehow transcends its commodity status (I am not sure it does), middlebrow only moderately conceals it while enjoying wide success, and lowbrow totally embraces its status as junk, somehow making it more authentic. I feel like that is a tricky line to run, but I do agree, people don't need to like something just because everyone else does too. And everyone should know how to use simple graphs and tables!
3.Thunderstorms- We never have thunderstorms in California, but I got to see plenty of them while I was home. They are so pretty! Something about storms seem even more refreshing than just rain. I miss Pennsylvania.
4. My cousins and my brother- I have pretty great extended family. I like them a lot. I feel depressed now that I am far away from all of them again. I keep telling Nick that I don't think I can live far away from our siblings and cousins, but he made the point they are so spread out we pretty much have to! Such a downer. Anyway, at times like this when other parts of the family are being less than kind and considerate, it is nice to have extended family (and a kickass brother) who are real friends to me.
5.Jason Segal- that guy is cute. And the Muppet Movie previews have been hilarious thus far. I am ridiculously excited for that movie, and I am getting back into How I Met Your Mother, which I have missed. I give him credit for its coming awesomeness.

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