5 Things I Love this Week

by - Tuesday, June 07, 2011

1. The Perfect Palette blog- someone has devoted a whole blog to putting color combinations for weddings together. I am obsessed with it/ wish I had thought of it myself. Of course, as of now they have yet to put up what I am trying to figure out (and I read like a year and a half's worth of blog), but I keep an eye out and they just have so many great ideas! Plus, there is nothing I love more than color.
2. Being done with my paper! Is it perfect? Not even sort of close. But it's done. Yesterday, I did nearly nothing for a whole afternoon. It was so amazing I can barely talk about it. I made a Shutterfly book with their new book editor thing. I love it, but even more I just love having time to even look at it. I still have papers to grad tonight, but life is good and I have no complaints. People who never have to write research papers must just be so happy.
3. Cliche food week- this summer we are going to try to eat a new thing every day to pull us out of our food rut, so this week we are eating all the most old faithful foods. You know why we eat things a lot? Because they are freaking delicious. So it will be a good week.
4. Roscoe's Waffles- we went to Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles this weekend in LA. They give you a ridiculous amount of food, but the waffles were really delicious, and just a tad bit cinammony. Plus, its an LA institution!

5. My baby brother! He graduated last weekend, and have I mentioned I am super proud of him? Well, let me do it again.

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