5 Things I Love this Week

by - Wednesday, June 01, 2011

1. This clip from Sweet Charity- if you want to see how amazing this number is, just click on any of the other renditions it is linked to. Doing so much less does so much more for them then any of the other renditions can pull off. I don;t think I totally got the Bob Fosse thing until I saw Cabaret, but I think this number shows off how sexy isolated movement can be. Watch them snap their fingers. Also, watch the two leads faces on a second watch (Chita Rivera is unbelievable). They never make "sexy face" like we see it now, but they do seem to be having a super fun time. I can't believe that Musicals is over now- how will I lie without my dance numbers?
2.Days off- Memorial Day was awesome- should I be further in my paper? Of course, but when isn't that true? I forgive myself. Monday was still semi-productive, just probably not as much as it should have been.

3. This cake- Amanda's mom decorated this. Those are all sugar flowers that she made. It just blows my mind that is so amazing!
4. Sex Week at the Good Men Project- the website as a whole still seems a bit confusing to me, but I freaking love that the website this week is about Sex-positive men, putting strait, bi, gay, and trans men's intellectual and emotional responses to sexuality together. Ok, that sounds boring (don't let me mislead you, some of the articles were a hoot!), but sex-positivity is a primarily female phenomenon, and when men try to get in on the conversation, they frankly seem super creepy. Assuming men can't do this unless they are gay (because gay men often are allowed into these feminist discourses) only perpetuates the model of men that now seems outdated and highly problematic. But the project of treating these heterosexual and queer perspectives as having something in common and something to be gained from each other, its actually a pretty radical act. Queer and straight girls can meet on the common ground of feminism to talk about sex- its about time that men figure it out to, even if it threatens their heteronormativity (because that's super overrated anyway). Anyway, if you want to read the smart/funny stuff check it out here: goodmenproject.com
5. Being a grown up- sometimes I really could use a little less of this whole adulthood thing, but I really start to appreciate that we have reached that phase of taking responsibility for our lives and making choices to actively solve problems rather than feel sorry for ourselves when I have to spend a bunch of time with someone who doesn't quite have that yet. I am glad I can solve my own problems, and that even though I have great people in my support system, unless things are really dire, I can usually sort out my own issues. I also love that I grew up in a family that pretty much demanded some flexibility and adaptability. Because man life looks hard if you take little things too seriously or want to control things that are just sincerely out of your grasp. I may write on this more later, but for now I need to actually write some paper!

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