10 Goals for this Summer

by - Thursday, June 09, 2011

10. Become a person again. Yesterday I finally finished my third year, today I got fillings, and tomorrow I have to go out and run some errands. But between all of that, I am going to become a whole person again! With interests and opinions on things other than early Modern French aesthetics! And how much better Fred Astaire is than Gene Kelly (though Gene Kelly's butt is clearly better). I would also really like to get involved in more volunteer organizations, because I am certainly not helping many people in my pursuit of graduatey-ness.
9. Go to Great America. Ride a roller coaster. Eat some really rotten cotton candy just once.
8. Get our engagement pictures taken. This is one of those must do's.
7. Go to at least one state I haven't been to before. We were talking about going to monument Valley for the Forth of July, which I think would be pretty cool. I also want to go to the beach.

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6. Get that cupcake tattoo. I am for serious. I am thinking a little one somewhere. Like no bigger than an inch. But it is happening. Maybe next week when I am home.
5. Take more pictures and play with my new lenses!
4.Go for some really long runs. Exercise every day. Get an Elvis Sticker. My goal is to get 50 stickers in the month of June (to make up for all of the months I have fallen short). Trying to make healthiness more of my routine.
3. Read one thing because I just want to. I am very open to suggestions.
2. Eat a totally new meal every night for the whole summer. Nick doesn't think we can pull this off, but I think it would help us to keep things fresh and stay out of a food rut. How do people keep themselves trying new things, once they sort of figure out a routine? This is the longest I have lived in one place since I was in high school, and now I wonder if moving every two years isn't just a good thing for the psyche.
1. Read 98% of my ACE list!! I will be writing my reading plan tomorrow probably, but the goal is to read like 200 books over one summer. Can I do it? Only time will tell. Figuring out my disertation topic would be just awesome too.

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