Wedding Wednesday- Thomas Thoughts and Stuff I found that I liked this week

by - Saturday, June 11, 2011

So, my brother and I talked about the wedding today and we came up with solid ideas. I thought I would share them here.

1. Have the whole thing catered by Red Lobster.
2. I would dress up like Godzilla/Bridezilla and the boy would dress as Mothra.
3. My cousins would dress up like a mariachi band and play "More than words."
4. Inviting hobos.
5 Beating up hobos.
6. Make it "Couple of the Ages" themed with celebrity couples, but pick all couples who broke up and see who says anything.

Thomas and I should start a wedding consulting company. If you would like our advice, please, let me know.

Also, here are some things that I saw that I liked this week when I should have been doing work:
Red polka dot dresses and a wagon?? Sure it's cute on small children, but I am stealing this for my wedding entrance. How many toddlers do you think I would need to move me?

I really like the idea of the make shift tent as an engagement picture set up. At the same time, the guy looks a little creepy in the bottom left, like he has some weird shit in his log cabin. Still, cuter than most engagement pics I've seen.

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