Wedding Wednesday- the Plot Thickens (and then congeals into a plan!)

by - Wednesday, May 25, 2011

So the last 24 hours our wedding plans have finally congealed- Nick picked we would have it at Anchor Village (August 25, 2012) in exchange for infinite veto power and that i have to choose all of the meals for the next month. It was amazing how hard it was to get the planets to align; firstly, we were trying to get the date to land when the restaurant was closed. But then we found out Anchor Village was only open for certain dates. And the photographers were only available on other dates. And my brain was going to explode.

We found a date where everything works (including having the bishop of our diocese, who was the priest when I was a kid and is absolutely wonderful), except that its so late in the month, which means it will probably be harder for Nick's brother to close the restaurant. This whole thing made me feel like we were running behind, and we are more than a year out! I think we talked about it too much, and it just drug things out so they felt more important than they probably will be in the end. I wanted to make sure we did something that works for everyone, which, from what I hear, is a fool's game.

So, no more serious stuff for a while. Instead, I'd rather just find cute pictures like these!

Seriously, tell me this is not amazingly cute. Of course, we may not be hipster enough to pull it off, but it is still cute!
The question becomes- how many colors can I fit into one wedding?

Just thought this was cute.
Can I just hang a bunch of weird stuff at my reception? My hope is yes.

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