Wedding Wednesday- The Face Off

by - Friday, May 20, 2011

After worrying (a lot) that we weren't going to have anywhere to have our wedding reception in Northwestern Pennsylvania (I mean, the Knot actually denies the area's existence), but we have found 2 places we really like- Anchor Village and Hotel Conneaut. My friend Jenny got married at Anchor Village two years ago and I totally loved it. It is an old train pumping station, so its got this great juxtaposition of industrial and vintage aesthetics.

I especially love this ceiling. It is also only like 25 minutes outside of Franklin out in the woods. We can pretty much stay there all weekend and we can still get married in Franklin without making it an epic journey for all of the guests. Plus the lady there is super nice, and the whole thing is so affordable we can get a great caterer.

Plus, then I can decorate a lot. It is obviously the closest I am going to get to a tent and a barn that isn't crazy expensive and complicated. But it is essentially a very pretty garage, and it does have some eye sore moments we would have to cover up, so Nick is voting for Hotel Conneaut.

The Hotel is basically in Conneaut Lake Park, right on the lake, with a great view of the water. We would have lots of access to outdoor spaces, and we could even get married right out on the lake.

And the inside ballroom looks really fresh and new, while you still get the old timey feel outside. And they do some of the decorating for you, which Nick really likes. I do think a kind of carnival-y vintage theme would be really fun, I am just worried that the hour-long drive will take our at home wedding totally away from our actual hometown.
But the room is really really beautiful. So here is our dilemma, which at its heart is about what kind of wedding we want, especially in terms of formality. I think a more fun reception would be us, but I don't think Nick is wrong that we could make this work too and that the outdoor space is a lot cooler and more dramatic.

Once this comes together, I feel like we will be on our way. This whole engagement thing is becoming more real, but I think our life with each other has mostly gone back to normal. Except that every so often we have the same debate between these two places. And we also debate about cake, which is really the only wedding thing that matters. So give me your votes! WHich place would you have your reception at?

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