Random Thoughts on a Sunday Night

by - Monday, May 16, 2011

I still have not figured out the magic balance of exercise and self-acceptance. If someone knows the trick to this, please let me in on the secret. I started Zumba this week, and I would say so far it is working out relatively well; I can sort of keep up (though I am sure glad no one can see me) and I actually find the skinny girls that giggle along moderately endearing (especially since Beto just can't keep his hands off them). I'm glad to be trying something new to be physically active, because I do feel better exercising, but I also don't want to pay too much attention to weight or measurements. Because I am over it.

It seems I am so goal oriented that I have to beat on myself to get where I need to be. I am like that with my work too, where I have to feel constantly guilty about what I am no tgetting done to keep myself moving through the infinite piles of reading, writing, grading, and watching I should be doing. It truly seems to be an endless pile, and around this time of year my motivation is just completely dead. Here on Sunday night I know I should have gotten more done this weekend, but I am almost too lazy to even bother berating myself over it. May is such a long month.

This weekend, as a break, we did go to see Bridesmaids, which I think I would give an A-, but only because I am rooting for it to succeed so women can be treated as an audience comedy might want to turn toward. In many ways, it was very funny and certainly rings true to anyone who has been in a wedding (I have definitely had the "reign of the perfect bridesmaid" experience as a MOH). The characters were pretty well-developed (though I thought it was really more of a vehicle for Kristen Wiig than an ensemble comedy), the plot was smart, and nobody had to apologize for being a girl.

One thing that did bug me was that tugging feeling that this movie is continuing the tradition of stomping on someone else with the hope of mainstream validation. Weight does become this looming issue, which is strange because we don't go out of our way to get super hot girls, and the most beautiful one is the closest thing to a bad guy. And I think there is a lot of truth in the arguments that Melissa McCarthy's character is the most self-assured and positive of all the girls (she even gets the clutch "time to turn it around" speech). Yet, if the filmmakers were trying to get out under the "fat girls are funny, because look they are unattractive" umbrella, why did we have to throw in the room mate (a subplot which could have been majorly edited... they could have got like 10 minutes back) who is also fat, also extremely confident about her physique, but seems to be almost borderline mentally challenged. This woman is nothing but a joke, marked by her more exposed body ("haha look, you can see her rolls and her buttcrack") and her lack of literal mobility. I know this is sort of gnit picky, but why is this character here? At the same time, I can recognize that just because you espouse a subtle feminist politic doesn't make you responsible to every outreach of feminism. Still, I would have to watch it again to decide exactly what I thought about the other sort of ignored issues underlying these women's cinematic reach for the starlight (how about that Maya Rudolph is biracial and has a black father, yet he is like the only person of color we see in the whole film?).

On the other hand, I loved that you could see true bonds emerging between certain women, and that the central relationship is between two women. Wiig and Rudolph's characters have a very nice scene at the end, where they make up, and we can actually see on screen the ways that women characters can bring out the best, deepest, and funniest parts of one another without circulating conversation around a penis-bearing life form. Parts of this movie just filled the whole auditorium with busted up laughter (I loved the speech scene, but everyone really went crazy for the food poisoning) and it is really worth seeing. Plus, it apparently did surprisingly well over the weekend, but Thor still beat it, so more people need to go see it. I am not so secretly rooting for it. Because I want to want to go to the movies (which is especially difficult when I am watching 3 or 4 movies a week).

Other than that, the weekend was mostly filled with trying to work, but mostly looking up wedding-y things on the internet. It is an endless well of marital knowledge.

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