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by - Tuesday, May 17, 2011

So today in Hollywood musicals, the professor sort of did a "where we've been/ where we're going" lecture where he showed clips from a Jet Li movie and the Incredibles. Neither of which are musicals, but he explained the musicals larger appeal with this quote:

"Whenever the stylistic elements of cinema -- color,
movement, rhythm, sound, bodies -- are joined in synchronous intensity, we feel on
the verge of a musical, almost a musical" - Adrian Martin

Now I am trying to think of some clips to test this theory on my students, without just doing a retread of what he mentioned so here are my ideas so far (feel free to add your ideas):

The skeleton fight in Jason and the Argonauts
The fight scene in Anchorman?
The Uma Thurman chunk of The Adventures of Baron Munchausen?
The singing in Rio Bravo?
LA Story roller skating, the trafic/ sprinklers musicality/ something with Enya

Ok, help!

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