5 Things I Love this Week

by - Tuesday, May 24, 2011

1.My Dad. Its his birthday this week, so he makes the list!
2. Ryan Gosling- In the course of locking ourselves up to do work, Nick and I half-watched a lot of tv this weekend. Lars and the Real Girl was on tv, and it was ridiculously sweet. I mean, I can think of a lot of comedies with sex dolls (just kidding) but that one really addresses that whole human loneliness thing in a way that is very sweet. After being charmed by Gosling's charminess (which I never got before... The Notebook is super lame. No one talks like that), I watched Half Nelson, which he is also excellent in. So yay him!
3. Graduations and weddings- This weekend we are off to my absolutely fantastic friend Amanda's wedding, and then the next week we are off to see my brother's graduation. I love these events, because good things don't happen often enough. We make such a big deal out of the negative, even the banal, but its not often we can celebrate the people we love on a big scale, so I am excited to cheer for two people that I just adore. Plus, I get to go to a wedding as just a guest! It seems so easy!
4. Wedding blogs- They are the ultimate time waster. I wish I would have realized how useful they are before I got engaged! They just go on forever and ever!
5.Sugar cookies. Nick bought me sugar cookies for my big push to finish my presentation, and sadly I really love them. That whole weight loss thing really can't compare to a good cookie.

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