5 Things I Love this Week

by - Tuesday, May 10, 2011

1. Meet me in St Louis- I have to say, I don't really love the Band Wagon, but I am still getting more and more into Vincent Minelli. This movie is both sweet and really disturbing, all while featuring "Skip to my Loo" as a musical number. The youngest daughters are truly just bizarre, and kind of evil, so I love them.
2. Having an engagement ring that fits- We finally got it fitted this weekend, which wasn't nearly as much of an event as I had expected. But now I don't have to wear my Grandma Barbara's ring as a stopper.
3. Our Co-op boxes are back! Nick is trying to argue we should give it up, but I am putting up a fight! Just getting those boxes filled with vegetabley goodness makes my day. Usually there is at least one really good piece of fruit in there, which I eat the first day.
4. Having a night off. I am not actually sure what this is like, but it sounds wonderful. I am truly totally out of energy, to the point where I couldn't finish this blog last night because I was just too tired.
5. Beto- So, I am starting ZUmba, because I don't really have time for a gym class this quarter, but I am too bored with running to be motivated. I assume now it is time to switch it up. So, I am trying Zumba, and so far I feel like the hot girl teachers are mocking me, but I do like Beto, the pleasantly creepy main guy. I also like feeling like I am still exercising, rather than becoming a bump on a log.

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