5 Things I Love this Week

by - Tuesday, May 03, 2011

1. Linda Williams "Film Bodies: Genre, Gender, and Excess"- I am doing a bunch of feminist film theory for my ACE list, and I have read a lot of good stuff, but reading Linda WIlliams is just so fun. In this article, she writes about how porn, weepies, and horror films all use the body (usually females) in excess, which is why they are traditionally ignored but actually deserve more interest. Why can't all my reading be like this?

from onceuponyourday.wordpress.com
2. Different for Girls- This movie, from 1996, treats a transexual character with respect, treating her identity and deserving of love as self-evident. Sure, she is sort of the boring counterpoint to her more animated heterosexual partner, but it is still amazing to me that this film is out there at that time and is actually quite good as well. I also think it is interesting that they are so blunt about the bodies themselves- revealing without any sort of sentimental condescension. Not a perfect film, especially from a queer perspective, but there is a bluntness and humor here that never take advantage of the characters, which I really liked.
3.The trees in Westminster Abbey- there was a wedding last week that people might have heard about. The dress was nice, the show was fine, but the most badass thing in the whole event, to me, were the trees they used to decorate the aisle. It sets up a great contrast between the indoor ordered formality of the building and the casual freedom of the outdoors. It gave all the people in the back something to look at, because there was no way they could actually see the altar. Crazy old churches (made so much better by this).
4.Parks and Recreation- I started watching this Sunday, because I was sick of everything else. Plus, Netflix fosters late catching on to trends. Still, once they got Amy Poehler's character figured out it was pretty hilarious, consistently passes the Bechtdel test, and is generally awesome. I especially like Aziz Ansari and Chris Pratt.
5. Sleep. I am an old person now, because I like sleep best of everything.

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