10 Things I Love about my Mom

by - Thursday, May 05, 2011

So, Sunday is mother's day, which has inspired me to blog about the many ways J Cro is awesome.

10. She literally fixes people as a job- as an adult, I get how beautiful this is. Watching her help people work through their dizzies is so amazing, especially because she treats each person with so much respect and love.

9.She makes life seem strangely under control. Maybe its because she is a medical professional, but that woman is not intimidated by any task and that kind of enthusiasm and focus is just infectious.
8.She can't spell "birthday"- I find this little tidbit probably more hilarious than is necessary, but she found it pretty funny too.
7. She's funny, silly, and random- when she is in the right mood, she is just a hoot. I love when she gets going and can't stop laughing. She isn't as stuck in some sort of propriety, so when we're together we can just have fun.
6. We get to visit her in Hawaii! I was pretty suspicious of the Hawaii thing when she first moved there, but going to visit her is pretty cool. Plus, it is fun to imagine that someday my kids will think going to visit Grandma on a tropical island is normal. What spoiled brats they will be.
5. She is a guaranteed adventure- her spontaneity, paired with the can do attitude and a real talent for getting lost and being late, has provided my brother and I with some real adventures. I mean, it is a credit to her that a detour and an accident is just an opportunity for something exciting or different to happen, rather than a travesty that must be fixed immediately (this is after she and I took a really crazy hike).

4. As contributed by my brother Thomas- she threw our cat Butterscotch. I'm going to rephrase this and say that she is a badass. She can be super fiesty, and God help you if you are on the other side of her badassery.

3. She is a woman worth looking up to, because she takes on challenges, doesn't apologize, and kicks ass! This is her destroying us at putt putt golf. I wish I had gotten this from my mom, and I think to some extent my brother did, but she excels at so much of what she tries. When she sticks with something, I think she always does so well, because she has amazing work ethic and determination. Just as a woman, I look up to my Mom because she does not apologize for being smart and talented, which she totally is.

2. In a pinch, she shows up. This is from her first visit to Stanford Fall of 2008, when I had started grad school and was pretty as miserable as I have ever been. My mom showed up, bought us Walmart cookies, and ran around a CVS in a Hilary Clinton mask. She also came to help after I bit through my own face, and showed up to celebrate Christmas with my brother this year so he wouldn't be alone. Even though she is far away, her visits are these huge positive forces in my brother and I's life.
1. She is super loving in her own totally her way- our Mom certainly isn't conventional, but even though all three of us live in different places, our family holds together.

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