10 Reasons Parks and Recreation is Awesome

by - Friday, May 13, 2011

So, I know I did a tv one last week, but I am finally caught up with this show, and it is the bomb. Here are ten reasons why:

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10. Hunting Libertarians, community festivals, and everything else that feels like home- it's so cool to watch a show that is about small towns, but isn't overly sentimental about it. Instead, the small midwestern town is treated as something that can be dealt with in intelligent and hilarious ways. It's never mocking, but it isn't overly sentimentalizing either. Pawnee feels like a super rich setting, a place I would want to go, and a place I understand why people would love. You could sub Franklin in and it would totally work.
9. Amy Poehler- honestly, I never loved her until I watched this show. Sometimes I thought she was funny, but here you can see she can actually act too. She made a character who started out charicaturish tragically sweet and well-meaning, without seeming inhuman.
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8. The murals. Hilarious. I am pretty sure the duck one was up on family friends' walls. But the murals become narrative devices and romantic settings. Its great to see images being used in such fun ways there.
7. Ben and Leslie- obviously, since they finally kissed last night people are talking about them, but who doesn't love Adam Scott? He's adorable in a not trying too hard kind of way. The whole thing is definitely working.
6. It's about civic service. In one episode, Leslie can't figure out why her new boyfriend bugs her, and Ron says "because he is a tourist, he takes what he wants from people, collects stories, moves on" (that's not the real quote, its a gist). Not only is Parks and Recreation another show about a community, but it values its characters for the service they give to that the community, sometimes despite themselves. I just really like the underlying ethics of the show, and it makes small town politics seem really sweet without being over the top.
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5. Jerry- I love a good sad sack, and this show has an awesome one. I especially love his dynamic with Aziz Ansari.
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4. The cast dynamic. The way the whole group interacts is just amazing, and some of the best episodes aer the ones where they are all together. This, to me, seems like how you know a show will last.
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3. Ann and Leslie's friendship. It like aces the Bechtdel test. Not only do these women have a well-developed friendship, modeling a real support to each other, but they don't just talk about boys! It's done so naturally that it can go unnoticed, but I think it is also low key because it looks so much like a real female friendship. Even in something like Gilmore Girls, there are female friendships, but the writers have to make a big deal out of it, like there are large neon signs saying "See? Isn't this great?" Here, the development of their friendship, and the pit beside Ann's house, arcs through the whole show. But every time they are on screen together, it feels really true.
2. Andy and April's relationship- the two are so well-suited to each other, and there is so much humor in having these polar opposites also be so perfect for one another because they have a great sense of play. Plus, I feel like Andy is the manifestation of my soul in human form. They are just adorable, and their wedding was awesome.
1. Ron Swanson- one of the best tv characters ever? Probably. Give this guy an Emmy already.

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