Top Ten Wedding Movies

by - Friday, April 15, 2011

In being all fancied, I have been thinking about weddings a lot. And if I want to watch something weddingy, I pretty much need to turn on the tv. Sadly, a lot of wedding stuff is really obnoxious, reveling in the sort of consumery bridezillaness, but here are a few movie weddings that I really love (or have ideas I want to steal).

10. How to Marry a Millionaire- Lauren Bacall really rocks that wedding bonnet. The whole plot line is totally crazy now (though I can't pretend you couldn't still see it), but Marilyn Monroe is really very funny and Lauren Bacall is a good foil to her. I liked it more than I expected to (but a great deal less than Gentlemen Prefer Blonds). Still, nothing cuts to the heart of what wedding movies are all about like something from 1953. It makes you kind of embarrassed to think these are the traditions/stereotypes/ etc. that you are carrying on.
9. The Princess Bride- Classic. Total Bechtdel fail. Totally awesome. Great reminder to always say "I do."
8. Mamma Mia- I love this movie in a campy, watch it with Nick's mom in her kitchen kind of way, but the wedding is pretty amazing. We have been trying to talk his sister into having this wedding (she is 16), so we can all go to a Greek Island and sing Abba songs.
7. My Big Fat Greek Wedding- I actually liked this movie a lot more when it came out, but I have watched it in the last 6 months, and I found her exasperation and horror about her heritage super obnoxious. I guess you need the conflict to even have a point, but she really can't see that her family is awesome? Still, I like the chemistry at the heart of the movie, and the beauty of the family kind of rushing around them. Not sure why this didn't set off Joey Fatone's movie career.
6. Father of the Bride (1991 version)- This is another one of those movies that I have watched a million times. Again, it comes off as super super dated (though it is 20 years old), but the people kind of remind you of people you actually know, and you generally want them to be happy. And then they are. It's nice in its niceynes.
5. In & Out- There are a lot of things about this movie which have not aged well, and I imagine will only look worse with time (obviously, I don't mean Tom Selleck Ba dum bump). Still, both Joan Cusack and Kevin Kline are pretty unbelievable in the wedding scene, which they manage to make forgivable and hilarious rather than heartbreaking. Also, I just love the general characterization of the community as surprisingly accepting. There is like a general someone out there who will be disaproving, but when faced when an individual, the reaction is quite different. Sure, it's an idealization, but I think it's closer to the truth than people might think.
4. Spaceballs- I want a Joan Rivers C-3PO, wedding earmuffs, and anything that shoots rays of any kind. Though Bill Pullman as hunky may be the funniest idea in there.
3. 500 Days of Summer- I actually don't love this movie, because I feel like it is pandering to hipsters (like me), but I would be happy to take the wedding they go to. Seriously, I think it is exactly what I would have without Nick being more sort of right brained and wanting matching plates and so on.

2. Monsoon Wedding- this movie shows weddings for what they really are- a family affair. The music and aesthetics are so beautiful, but the most extraordinary thing is the movie's thoughtful consideration of what people mean to each other in deep, not always romantic ways. In fact, I like watching this movie when I am feeling romantical, but it really foregrounds love in a way that is not very sparkly or overt (this isn't a Hugh Grant movie). Plus, it makes me wish I could have a henna party before my wedding!
1. The Wedding Singer-I love this movie beyond any sort of logic, but every time it is on tv, I can't help but watch. Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore really work as the kind of couple who is romantic in the way real people are romantic (less candles and rose petals) but there is still an awesome love proclamation (with Billy Idol no less!). As far as the weddings go, they all look weirdly awesome, in that every one has a good time and Steve Buscem is beautiful and drunk.

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