Top Ten Moments/Episodes on the Office

by - Thursday, April 28, 2011

In honor of Michael Scott's exit tonight, which only made me tear up a little. I think the part that was most heartbreaking (but encouraging in terms of the status of the show) was marking his exit as literally a parting between he and the camera. He literally handed his mike back, and the saddest, strangest moment was his silent good bye to Pam. It just marked what this show is supposed to be- a documentary, which perhaps someday they would get to see. It was both a stressing of the limits of the show and a point that there is still potential there. I have become a less committed viewer over time (somewhere around when Jim and Pam started toseem genuinely miserable all the time), but it did kind of make me excited to see what happens. I am rooting for them. Anyway, top ten moments.

10. Dwight's debate with Benjamin Franklin. Or the time he and Jim come in dressed as each other? I hope the show goes on a long time, because I don't know how to look at Rainn Wilson and not think of Dwight. It's kind of the part he;s born to play. Oooh! and I also love when they plan Kelly's birthday party together, with the "It's your Birthday" banner and the flacid brown balloons.
9. "I Declare Bankruptcy!!!"
8. The first Dundies- the one before was good too, but I really love the original, which I think is almost as good as the Race Sensitivity episode. Something about Phyllis getting the Bushiest Beaver Dundie is truly awesome. Mindy Kaling wrote some of the best episodes so far.
7. Cafe Disco- this really isn't that memorable of an episode, but I just kind of like it. I might put it on even keel with the wedding. If the show benefits from anything, it is a really great ensemble, so I always love plots that mostly keep them all together, circulating around the same story. Booze cruise and Diwali are up there for the same reason.
6. When Dwight pulls the fire alarm and Angela pulls a cat out of her filing cabinet and throws it through the ceiling. I would directly relate this to the episode with the bat and rabies.
5. Any of the Christmas episodes- I especially love the year Michael is jealous that Phyllis gets to play Santa, and his expression when Kevin is sitting on his lap.
4. Anything with Creed. That man is my favorite (also, did you know he was part of some rock band in the 70's). His moments are so tiny that t is hard to pick one, but I like his thoughts on homosexuality and his crazy mud sex days.
3. The Dinner Party- That whole episode is insane, but the argument ("You burn em you buy them")leading to the Dundie tv smashing captured the insanity that was Scott and Jan. I mean, everyone is happy to see him happy now, but the misery encompassed in that argument, with all the squirmyness the show is known for, is way funnier.
2. Good bye Toby- awesome bait and switch, the entrance of Holly (a genius math for Michael Scott), and a plot line depending on mistaking a character for mentally disabled when he is not. Kevin's certainty that they are really hitting it off is so sweet and tragic at the same time.
1. The kiss on Casino Night. Sure, they've had their ups and downs in terms of romance lately (which is kind of a downer- does pining have to be so much more interesting?), but Pam and Jim's kiss still kind of gives me chills. I got addicted to the show mid way through that season, and I still think it was the best, and the fact that this moment defines the whole series shows what the American version really brings to the whole thing- a lot more heart. No one would have cried when Ricky Gervais left, but I bet a lot of people were touched tonight, because the writers maintain a beautiful balance of pseudo-realism, hilarity (hello Creed and Kelly), and non-sappy heart. Or maybe a little sappy, but the good kind.

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  1. Jim and Pam's wedding didn't make the list? that's my top 1!

  2. I like their kiss better, but that whole thing is very sweet too!