Top Ten Best things I ate in Peru

by - Friday, April 01, 2011

As I have already put out there, Nick and I had some pretty amazing food in Peru. I am not going to talk about what he ate, since I can't really speak to alpaca or steak, but I figure I can go through the best of what I ate.

10. Pork Stew- We had this at Pacha Papa's, which is almost completely outdoors, and you can see them cook your food in a big outdoor oven. I got a stew simmered in the oven. Even though it was a little heavy, the white rice kind of gave it a lighter counterpoint. Non-fussy, but absolutely delicious.
9. Cuy- Cuy is the major delicacy in Peru, and this was our big moment of trying it. It's guinea pig. Cute, little guinea pig. The meat basically just tasted like meat, so if you are into that it would be fine. The actual weirdest part was that it set on a pile of avocado, potato, and roasted apples. But it was all weird, and awesome at the same time.
8.Quinotto- We got this at Fallen Angel, which was a restaurant by day and a gay club by night. I ate this off a bathtub filled with fish. The quinoa was delicious and balanced perfectly with a whole lot of peppers and veggies and spicy stuff. And the wait staff was ridiculously adorable, attentive, and kind. I couldn't finish this dinner (even if it does not look that big here) because the taste was so rich, but I loved what I could eat. Probably best shared with a friend.
7. Tuscan soup- Jack's Grill was another place just down the street from our hotel, and its food was delicious. You have to wait in line to get in, but once you're seated its very cozy. Plus, yes, that is pesto in the middle. It was probably the best vegetable soup I have ever had in my life. The boy was majorly jealous.

6. Chicken Pasta- Ok, so not my most original choice (and to be honest, even as I make this list i am not sure about the order), but I loves the spice in this pasta. We had it at Ciccolina, which is a Mediterranean and Peruvian restaurant (where we had the cuy) and after the more daring dish it was nice to have an old faithful in a new, interesting, and spicy way. They also had big bushels of peppers and garlic hanging from the ceiling, so it just seemed cool.
5.Trout with Garlic Sauce- we had this the night after we got engaged, so I may be emotionally biased. Peruvians eat a lot of trout, and it is especially good with garlic sauce. Probably not the healthiest meal, but we were on vacation!
4.Papas Huancinas- We tried to make these once before we left, but the version we had there (twice!) was way better. Its basically is boiled potatoes with some cheese sauce on top. The sauce was delicious and wonderful, but Nick ate the olive, because olives are the grossest thing on this green earth.
3. Chocolate Cake- Sure, this doesn't seem like an obvious glimpse into Peruvian cuisine, but it was still awesome. We got it the very first night, and then three times after that. And Inka Fe Cafe played Shania Twain every time we went in. The cake was really good, but the ice cream was even better. Super creamy and sweet and like milky (??) tasting.
2. Corn Salad- It had a more spanish sounding name (clearly a trend here), but this simple corn with some herbs and I'm guessing a little bit of oil, hit the spot. Peruvians are known for their corn and their potatoes, and the corn itself tasted totally different than I am used to. This was at Pacha Papa's too.
1. Prawns with microsalads, potato, and proscuitto at Fallen Angel- I swear I am not the kind of eater who likes tiny foods with little drizzles around them, but these appetizers were insanely awesome. Also, I am pretty sure prosciutto is bacon's cousin, so you can't really go wrong. Fallen Angel is a restaurant inside Francisco Pizzaro's old house- I am pretty sure he wouldn't be crazy about the super-kitsch fabclub decor, but I think he'd enjoy these.

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