I want to look like Jeanette Macdonald

by - Thursday, April 07, 2011

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For musicals this week, we watched Monte Carlo and Love me Tonight, which are old Lubitsch musicals from the 30's. Both of these movies star Jeanette MacDonald, who was a soprano (I forgive her for that) in tons of movies in the 30's and 40's (four of which were nominated for oscars). In the Lubitsch movies (mostly with Maurice Chevalier who I find intolerable), MacDonald gets a lot of freedom for a woman in her time- she is firey and funny, but most of all she openly articulates her sexual desires.

Plus, she wears some sick clothes. I want to know where the MacDonald line of wedding dresses are, because I would buy one. Because they are amazing. I think the 30's may be my style decade, because these women just look gorgeous all of the time. I love their hair and their style. She is a little sparklier than anyone needs, but I still adore it.

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