5 Things I Love this Week

by - Tuesday, April 26, 2011

from hollywooddreamland.blogspot.com
From hollywooddreamland.blogspot.com
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1. Nicki Minaj Superbass- I am pretty sure I will hate this song in about a week, but for now it sure is catchy. I keep trying to find it on the radio (while simultaneously avoiding all the other crap they play), but its just rare enough yet that it is still hard to come by. I like the strangeness/ performativity of Nicki Minaj, so woot her!

2. Petey's Easter eggs- Nick's nephew is the ultimate egg artist. He made shades of brown that only a three year old can discover. Plus, he does eggs like I do, where my fingers are covered in dye for a week.

3. Chocolate and Pop- yes, I have felt fat and gross lately, but a good piece of chocolate makes it almost worth it. Lent is a great time, but the week after it is so awesome, because you are reunited with the wonders of everything that is bad for you. I am pretty sure that is not supposed to be the point, but man chocolate is super delicious.

4. Ginger Rogers' fashion- Ging is like the proto-Indie goddess. She has a great voice, unbelievable dresses, and an ongoing relationship with a skinny guy in tight pants. I seriously would wear pretty much everything she puts on, and you can kind of see how her big number dresses would make awesome wedding dresses (minus the cape, of course). I really was surprised just how sassy and funny Ginger was, considering that Swing Time was filmed in the thirties. All in all, she more than holds her own against Astaire (who always seems kind of asexual and old to me), I think she is actually more interesting to watch. And I want that black dress for all the days when I am twirling (which of course are many). She even looks and sounds a bit like Deschanel or Dunst or something underneath her bleach blond hair and glamourizing. Except better.

5. Green wedding favors- my friend Mindy sent me a link to somewhere where you can give your wedding guests something to grow. My favorite actually is birdseed shaped like hearts, which just looks very sweet, if not a little cheesy. But cheesiness is something I love every week!

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