5 Things I Love this Week

by - Tuesday, April 19, 2011

1. Mac and cheese with broccoli and cauliflower- Nick is making dinner right now, and the mac n cheese smells delicious. Yay life partner's who occasionally cook comfort food!
2. Mumford and Sons "After the Storm"- sad, pretty, obviously behind the curve, but I can live with it. It sounds like a wheat field and a funeral. But I am pretty sure that all the Mumford and Sons songs sound like a wheat field and something.
3. Tom Gunning's Cinema of Attractions- Simple, short, but I love it.
4.Mindy Kaling- everytime I read anything she says, even on her tweets, I am more convinced that woman is the shit. I will buy a ticket for anythng she is in or writes. All the attention has been on Steve Carrell leaving the Office, but I feel like the show will miss her just as much (she wrote some of the best episodes like the Dundies. Ben Franklin, and Niagara). Here are some great Mindy Kaling quotes:
“If you defend a girl as ‘really smart when you get to know her,’ she is dumb. What you mean is, she’s ‘really smart for a smokin’-hot girl who is stupid.’”—The Office‘s Mindy Kaling

"Not to go Carrie Bradshaw on people, but is it possible to stay a romantic on this planet? Do I have to move to Mars?"

"Why do all the women have to be klutzes? All these pretty women with no discernible flaws, so let's make them a klutz! Or what about all the skinny women shoving food in their mouth on dates? It would be so much funnier if the women weren't skinny. That's a great Onion headline: ‘Actual Fat Woman Shoves Food in Her Mouth in Romantic Comedy.' "

5. Going home this week! I am ridiculously excited to go home and play with my godchildren. My not quite niece is not quite walking, but she is getting close! Plus, we get to go with Petey to the Egg hunt in Franklin, which I am pretty sure i have never seen before. I am truly ready to do that.

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