5 Things I Love this Week

by - Tuesday, April 12, 2011

1. Years with a small amount of taxes- I know I love this now, because this year I don't have it. Still, I feel weirdly fine with giving the government my money, though I would like to stipulate that my money go to Planned Parenthood above all other things. I'm not sure I'd feel as fine if I knew it was going to fixing potholes or oppressing people.
2. Fruit- we made fruit salad this week, because it is the only Lenten snack Jesus tolerates. It is actually pretty awesome, because we live in California so fresh fruit is already getting pretty good. Our little watermelon kicks ass especially.
3. The internet- as we start trying to figure out how the hell you actually go about planning a wedding, I notice Nick and I lean towards venues which actually have internet (which is more rare in Western Pennsylvania than in Silicon Valley, shockingly enough).
4. Richard Dyer's book Heavenly Bodies on particular film stars and their particular function in the public sphere of their time. Currently I am reading the chapter on Paul Robeson, and I think it is just so thoughtfully done. This quarter I am TA-ing a class on musicals (if you couldn't tell from all the youtube clips) and it is amazing how much it has made me reflect on bodies on film, especially racialized bodies. Its a great read for non-academics if you are interested in the symbolic investment traded in bodies within the Hollywood system.
5. Realizing you conect with someone you don't expect- I am not sure what to say about this, except that even as a supremely introverted person, there is something beautiful and comforting about finding a common ground (or even better, that spark of common spirit? I'm not sure that's the word) with someone who you didn't notice before. This world just feels so big, and honestly I feel lonely a lot here, but just a genuine laugh or learning someone's story has really taken a heightened priority in my life now. It makes for a good day.

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