Top Ten Best Top Chefs Ever

by - Thursday, March 03, 2011

I love this show. Even without Gordon Ramsay. Nick and I have been drawn to the tv every Wednesday praying our favorite makes it (it's very very stressful!). Top Chef has more than its share of egomaniacs (hello, Richard Blais) and douches, but these are the ones that can make a good look out of chef neurosis.

10. Jennifer Carroll- I rooted for her through her season, but after her showing at All Stars I am more like concerned. Weirdest breakdown ever.
9.Brian Malarky. Great Name and great collection of hats.
8. The guy who with huge dreadlocks who got kicked off for making desert on the first challenge last season. That was sad for him.
7. Andrew D'Ambrosi- Something about him is just disturbing, yet he lit up the screen. Kind of the guy you would only want to know through a television screen.
6.the guy who used cheese puffs. I enjoyed that.
5. Angry Dale- My biggest memory of him is how he almost screwed Stephanie over in the finale of his season, then showed genuine agonizing remorse, which was surprising since he had been a ball of psychotic rage all season. Also enjoyed the newer happier version.
4. Happy Dale- Returned for All Stars- weird to watch someone who came in with so much doubt (I thought he was just filler), but he actually rose to the top, and was genuinely awesome.
3. Stephanie Izard- She is the only chef I have rooted for who actually won. It was so satisfying, because she was genuinely humble, professional, and damn good at what she did. Plus, in a season of loonies, she showed you could keep all your crazy hidden and still be a great chef.
2. Red Santa, or Kevin Gillespie- Always seemed like a guy who you could just hang out with. Plus, I always think his food looks good (which rarely happens on this show, weirdly enough). And he has a pig tattoo on his arm; it doesnt get much cooler than that.
1. Carla- Originally from Season 5 in New York, she has been killing it on All Stars. She puts love in her food, but I think she also just kind of emits it in all directions. Plus, she makes faces I can only make in my mind. We seriously freak out every time she is in the bottom three, because I am not sure we would

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