5 Things I Love this Week

by - Tuesday, March 15, 2011

1. Turning Papers in! I just got one turned in and I am hoping to have the other turned in by the end of the day on thursday. There is nothing I love more than like 45 minutes after you turn it in, and you have totally let it go. I am not there yet, and I am still stressing, but it will all be fine soon. Or I will forget about it when I get myself super anxious about the other one.

2. The return of pea pancakes! Nick made pea pancakes again yesterday and they were awesome. The side effect is that they are so elaborate they stress him out, but I got him relaxed by reading him papers for three hours. What a prize, right? Still, the boy is pretty high quality to put up with all my drama and make pea pancakes and take me to Peru all in the same week. And on that note...

3. Peru in just a few days! I can't believe it is here already/finally. We have been going through the travel books and picking restaurants and bought all our travel gear. I feel ready to go. Like, we could leave tomorrow and I would be happy.

4. Snacks. Nothing like giving up chocolate and snacks to remind you of how wonderful they are. I have never given up snacking while writing papers, and it has really shown me how much I comfort eat when I'm stressed. This is probably a bad thing, and when I complained the facebook cronies suggested I eat frozen grapes (seriously?), but come on! Writing and chocolate go together like theory and reality television. It keeps me from being too big of an asshole. But I have five more weeks of no snacks, so I will just have to let this one go. On the other hand, no more letting the boy pick what we are doing.

5. Getting messages from people from home. I have been getting homesick lately, and I know this month is going to be hard, because I really miss my family, so it is super nice when I know they are thinking of me.

Ok, i get 20 minutes more break and then I have to get back to work. Now would be the perfect time for a cookie, right?

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