5 Things I Love This Week

by - Tuesday, March 08, 2011

1. Amidi Dental- I think I must be the only person in the world who loves their dentist, but after a lifetime of very mean old dudes yelling at me, Maryam Amidi is just awesome. Very kind to her patients, generous to poor students, extremely personable, great staff and care. If you live in the bay area and need a dentist, I am telling you, check her out. I have never had a dentist even half as good as her. Everytime I leave I want to buy them presents.

2. Full days at home- to not have to see anyone but the boy for a whole day? Just heaven. Now, if only I could really get through my papers.

3. The equals video with Daniel Craig cross dressing- A great informational video for international women's day, but the real highlight is watching James Bond, an icon of (semi-homoerotic) masculinity, dress in drag to bring awareness to the inequalities women now face. That's a Bond I can get behind. And, happy International Women's Day to you! Let's close the gap this year.

4. Dan Savage- Yeah, he has some icky rhetoric (specifically against anyone who isn't a twig) but he is also hilarious, opening up a dialogue that is so accepting of all sorts of sexualities. He has become the perfect distraction from paper writing, so not exactly a win, but I did get to read about some interesting fetishes. I would take his job, if I were clever enough to do it. Though, I want to live in a world where I cna tell my girlfriends "give up, its not going to work out" without breaking some sort of girl law.

5. Endnotes- there is nothing more glorious than turning your footnotes into endnotes. It shortens your papers, keeping you within page limits. I am sort of hating the writing process this time- I can't seem to get into a writing groove, though I still feel a little ahead of the game with the amount of material I have written (11/15 and 9/20 with a week and a bit to go). But, if I felt less ahead maybe I would just be working rather than writing this blog.

And a bonus- 9 days til Cuzco!!!

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