5 Things I Love This Week

by - Tuesday, March 01, 2011

1. It is transgender awareness week at Stanford! Hug your favorite transgender person, read a good piece of literature of transculture (Evolution's Rainbow by Joan Roughgarden is probably my favorite), or just take a second to reflect on the constructedness of gender or just learn something new about trans culture to answer your questions (you can check out the Stanford Students for Queer Liberation here;https://stanford.edu/group/qsa/cgi-bin/queerliberation/2011/02/18/331/). I know that this is an issue a lot of people feel distant from, but transgender people face incredible discrimination- they can be refused medical care or jobs for being trans (even think about the experience of being trans going through the new airport security!). So woot for Stanford Undergrads for bringing these issues to the general public's attention.

2. Peru is coming up! Got my shots today. I still need to figure out what is left to buy and pack- exactly what does one need for an adventure like this? I'm thinking full on body armor, based on what the travel nurse told me today. I never need to hear about malaria, rabies, or any kind of diarrhea ever again. Trust me, if I am foaming at the mouth, I am still going to Machu Pichu.

3. Birthday Month. March has so many big birthdays this year- my mom is turning 50 and my goddaughter Aubrey is having her first birthday. I won't get to see either of them, but I am still so excited!

4. Boring weekends- I must have said this before, but sleep is a wonderful thing.

5. Neighbors- we have noticed lately our neighbors are getting friendlier and friendlier. Not only that, but they have started copying our seasonal door hangings (because you know, we thought of that). We don't have a working heater, or consistent electricity, but I would still argue that I like where we live.

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