Top Ten White Stripes Songs

by - Sunday, February 06, 2011

In honor of the band I loved but is no more. This should have gone up on Thursday, but t didn't, so here we are.

10. Hotel Yorba- More upbeat then some of the White Stripes songs. “All we’ve got inside is vacancy”
9. You’re Pretty Good looking- The kickoff track on Destjl. Funny and twisted.
8. One More Cup of Coffee- Super dark remake of the Bob Dylan song. Only second to the other super dark remake on that cd.
7. Going to be Friends- We used to listen to this in the publications room. I just imagine Jack White and a pink bunny skipping through a field of daisies. The fact that I can even imagine that is what makes Jack White so endearing.
6. Hardest Button to Button- I don’t know why, but I especially love Jack White’s voice in this song. So good.
5. Icky Thump- Another absolutely perfect hook. Nick’s number one favorite.
4. Seven Nation Army- the quintessential White Stripes Song. Also, I think this video is just as iconic as Fell in Love with A Girl.
3. Now Mary- another underappreciated gem a song about a dysfunctional relationship. Favorite section-“ What a season/to be beautiful/without a reason”
2. St James Infirmary- One of my favorite songs ever, a great and truly creepy interpretation that only the White Stripes could do.
1. Blue Orchid- Best Guitar part, gets stuck in my head in a good way. I feel like this song is an underappreciated gem in their catalogue of music.

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