Top Ten Favorite TV Couples

by - Thursday, February 17, 2011

In honor of Valentine's Day

10. Monica and Chandler- Brought to you by Nick Alfeo. A lot less desperation and weirdness or stupidity than other Friends characters. Plus, it seems impressive to me when shows can make couples interesting on a long scale after they get together. I don't really get the long term pining in most cases.
9. Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum- You may think they aren't a real couple, but watch out Seal! I can sense a real heat between them. Especially in the seasons she's pregnant, because there isn't anything much cuter than Tim Gunn and a pregnant supermodel.
8. Munch and Finn- Ice-T is the best thing that ever happened to Law and Order SVU, but this partnership makes him even better.
7.Cory and Topanga- Cheesy? Most definitely. But they set the bar on ABC family love. This couple has as many surprisingly lovely moments that lazy college afternoons could allow. Plus, the sort of puppy turned unconditional love seems pretty romantic.
6.Jim and Pam- Much better in their pining phases, but no one can deny Casino Night was really freaking good. Plus, they just seemed real right up until last season, when they became prickish and condescending- kind of caricatures of themselves. (Luke and Lorelai sort of fit in this same genre).
5. Lindsay and Tobias- I think in the whole run of Arrested Development, they had sex once? Still, a romantic force to be reckoned in, as long as you don't mind the hot cops trailing behind them.
4. Dr Cox and Jordan- two people who in some ways just seem totally bitter, but they seem totally perfect for eachother. I really loved Turk and Carla for other reasons, Cox and Jordan were hilarious and totally dysfunctional while seeming like actual adults.
3. Marshall and Lily- Every couple wishes they were Marshall and Lily (but without all the debt). Another couple that is well-written while still skipping any "will they, won't they" tension. Funny, but the writers have really shown their depth this season, while simultaneously dealing with the darker material. Great wedding sequence too.
2. Zoila and Jeff Lewis- the strangest but most weirdly beautiful relationship on tv. I could just watch a whole show of the two of them interacting. Funny, but also there is something deeply sad about the ways you can see them seeing through each other and calling each other out. They are each other's home. Also, mind-blowingly hilarious.
1. Mitchell and Cameron- all of the couples on Modern Family are perfect in their own ways, but it has been nice to see more of Mitchell and Cameron's dynamic this year, because they are a couple again that seems so perfect for each other, while still being real people with flaws. Plus, I love the general lack of googley-eyedness between them.

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  1. I don't know who Zoila and Jeff are. I agree with the rest, but how the heck did you miss Rose and Bernard?