Top Ten Favorite Etsy Sellers

by - Friday, February 25, 2011

There are so many things I could have put on this list, but it was nice to reunite with this awesome site. Etsy is a huge resource for people who would rather give their money ot people than huge ocoorporations. I have loved every purchase from every etsy seller, but these were the especially great ones (or the stores that I am lusting after now).

10.Element clay studio- I want to eat ice cream out of these urchin bowls. Beautiful pottery with a subtlety and cheeky sense of humor. Elegant without being stuffy.
9. Inaluxe- looks like it belongs in a super mod house, if that super hipster still had a secret love for kitschy things (or at least cartoon birds).
8. retrowhale- another seeming etsy staple. Awesome coaster collections, inspired by the kind of movies people who shop on etsy would like.

from (they have changed the name since I originally wrote this post)
7. The Dapper Llama- This guy makes the most amazing, Edison-inspired table lamps. Someday when we have an apartment big enough to put it in, I will buy Nick one of these. It just feels very engineery dude-like. I've thought about buying one for my Grampa too.
6. Dank Artistry- a collection of spoon rings. Just the kind of thing I can really get behind.

5.yevgenia- this brooklyn-based artist's painted on ceramics have this crazy wonderful balance between a sort of freshness and a feeling of a treasured heirloom. Every piece is absolutely beautifully and delicately painted. They just feel like treasures.
4. JMN Pottery- Nick bought me a bowl as my first big etsy thing. It is so quirky, joyful, and full of color. It was definitely one of the inspirations for how we started decorating our apartment (which is mostly just a mismatch featuring a few things which are actually ours).
3. Portobello- I feel like this company is an etsy staple, and though I can't speak for its bridal contingent, I do love their jewelry. Also, sometimes has great sales.

2. oh my deer- some of the loveliest work on paper I have ever seen. I have never bought anything from them, but I hope someday I will think of something good to put in there. I would even get a tattoo that is similar to the lines she uses.

1. Painting Prints- I think I have bought all of my newlywed friends something from this store. Something about these prints, which are so simple, unassuming, and warm, say home to me. Girly, but the dark lines make them graphic as well.

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