5 Things I Love This Week

by - Tuesday, February 22, 2011

1. Twin Peaks- we tried to do the 49 mile drive around San Francisco with Nick's parents this weekend, since they aren't much for the long walks. This was probably the highlight, we drove up into the hills of San Francisco (seeing all the rich fancy people's houses) and got to see this view. Definitely something to do if you are visiting the city.

2. The women on Scrubs- I am not saying every episode is totally progressive, but the show boasts a cast of female characters who could definitely pass the Bechtdel test, are smart enough to be doctors, and are flawed enough to not just be dream girls. Every character has at least a little nuance. We've been sort of going through the show in the background while we work, and it has been surprisingly good. Not the be all, end all of TV writing for women, but its nice to see writing interesting women be naturalized into the tone of the show.

3. Neutral lights and Vermillion- best color combination ever? Maybe.

4. Nick's sister. I know that lots of people have issues with in-laws and so forth, but I really genuinely like Nick's family. When we started hanging out, Nick's sister was in 2nd grade. Next month, she starts driving. I miss her being cute and little, but I think its really fun to become actual friends with her too. Plus, once she gets the car, she is going to be way too cool for us.

5.Resistence to the "War on Women-" I absolutely cannot believe how the Republicans have recently been assaulting the rights of women, but I am impressed with the resistance they are being met with. On the other hand, I worry that these tactics are intentionally creating a lot of fuss, so other infringements can sneak by. I know that sounds suspicious, but reading too much about contemporary American politics sort of always make me feel that way. It's also one of those trends that makes me feel extremely discouraged about Republican women; I just cannot understand why someone would want to disempower someone else in that way. It seems to greatly undermine their premises of Christian behavior. Ok, enough ranting- I am glad there are people of all genders who are willing to see these efforts are absolutely ridiculous, and I hope they do not come through.

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