5 Things I Love this Week

by - Tuesday, February 08, 2011

1. Nude Aid- I am so glad I volunteered for this event. Organized and hosted by the Center for Sex and Culture, the fundraiser made enough money for them to fund their move, but just as importantly artists and models came together to celebrate the body in a way that struck me as totally accepting and supportive. It was very cool to see all the artists coming together (especially because they were led by the unbelievably amazing and generous Annie Sprinkle). It was also fun to see the models, decked out in the most elaborate yet not so much there outfits ever, walk around checking out images of themselves and others. By the end of the day, all the visitors could trade in their tickets for a piece of art they saw being made (that's where I was helping). All in all, it was a great event for what I can tell is a very supportive and important institution in San Francisco. Be sure to check it out if you are around.

2. Direct flights- not only did I have a direct flight to New York today, but it was barely half full! I had my own seats! I got to sit sideways! Other than traveling with someone, this is pretty much the best you can hope for.

3. People in New York- I know they are supposed to be all tough and so forth, but they have been so nice to me all day. Dragging my suitcase through the city, there was always someone willing to help me figure out where I was going or carry my suitcase up stairs. No seriously, that happened more than once. I was just blown away by the sweetness. We'll see how I feel by the end of the week, but currently I am really liking the people in New York.

4. AAA- we locked ourselves out of the car at the gas station today, and it sure made me happy to have a friendly person come help in like 4 minutes. I thought that it was weirdly disturbing how easy it was for him to jack our car, but I still enjoyed it!

5. Sunnyvale Farmer's Market- You have to appreciate shopping for fresh flowers in February. California is good like that.

Alroght, I am going to try to be tired even though I am not really. Because we have lots of excitement coming up this week. For serious. Also, we have to be there at 8 tomorrow morning, which is 5 according to my body. I will be so miserable. But in a cute endearing way.

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