Umm... I'm a Cow. Can I go Home?

by - Saturday, January 15, 2011

Watching Emporer's New Groove. Definitely in my top three Disney Movies ever. Sure, the only woman is the villain, but Disney knows how to make a badass lady villain. Especially voiced by Eartha Kitt.

Today we went on a long hike around a man-made "lake" (try pond) on a pile of garbage they have turned into our nearby park. It was fun to people watch, since every one went out for the super nice weather, and a bunch of silicon valley alpha's trying to relax is relatively tragic. It was lovely until we accidentally walked onto a golf course, where a bunch of rich white guys immediately approached us, telling us to get out because the golf course is a dangerous place to walk near. Thank you, fancy people, your magnanimity in the face of our ignorance is an awe-worthy display or condescension and dickishness. Sorry we ruined the purity of your game.

Now we are vegging out in front of movies we have been meaning to watch while I try to finish Emily Dickinson (yeah, I know, but for real this time) and read a bunch of theory about performance documentation (blerg Auslander, yay Amelia Jones!). I think Nick is reading the Amber series. Tomorrow, I make my first loaf of bread!

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