Top Ten Thursday- Best Museums I've Visited

by - Thursday, January 27, 2011

10.The Carnegie Museum of Art- It's where I started, so it feels like where this list should start too. It's a great museum, with a really solid contemporary collection and great connections to the community. Also, the security guards are really friendly, and that can make all the difference.

9.Mass MOCA- this is a great little institution basically in a small town in the hills in Massachusets. If I were going to work somewhere, I think this would be an awesome place. We saw two really great installations there in March 2008.

8. MoMA and The Met- Hopefully, I will have a better sense of these museums in a few weeks, because they are so huge, but I have only been there once. The one time, I was totally blown away, but I had to rush so much that the museums still seem like a blur to me. But they were much like the Uffizi- something spectacular one room after another.
7. The Smithsonian- Obviously, these museums are amazing. I love the art collections, and they have had some very interesting exhibits as of late (Hello Hide and Seek!). It is sad that my mom doesn't live in DC anymore, because I liked visiting these museums so often. Also nice if you are traveling with someone who isn't as into art, because you can just send them off to something boring like the Air and Space or the Natural History museum.

6. The Spam Museum, Austin Minnesota- These museum, though connected to the corporate office is both cheeky and incredibly well done. Anywhere that boasts pig statues you can ride in front, and the world's largest collection of spam cans just can't be bad.

5. The Shanghai Museum- I loved seeing such different collections; the paintings and calligraphy were really amazing in person, and they also had a great collection of pottery and sculpture. The museum is even shaped like giant dingy. We saw some really interesting art that week, but I think I enjoyed the long art historical trajectory of this museum.

4.The Getty, Los Angeles- Though this Museum does not have the greatest collection, the view and location is just amazing; someday I want to be important enough to go to a party held there. Also, they have amazing research facilities that just make my mouth water every time I think about it.
3. The Uffizi Gallery- TO be totally honest, I could live without Italian Renaissance Art- I get why it is a big deal, but it doesn't always excite me, but this museum is kind of like walking from one celebrity to another. It blows your mind that so much classic beauty could be in one place. It blew me away. Totally worth the (very) long wait.

2. Neue National Gallery and Pergamon Museum, Berlin Germany- Berlin has fantastic (and cheap!) museums. The whole system just has so many amazing things- Nefertiti's head, awesome contemporary and Northern Renaissance collections (I also saw a great video installation show there). If you want to vacation just going museuming, I strongly suggest going to Berlin.

1. The MuMoK, Vienna Austria- I just love this museum- it has a great permanent collection with all of its craziest art tucked away in the basement. I love that all the things I love are hidden like a secret, but the whole room in filled with Viennese Actionist art. I cannot wait to go back again someday. The Venus of Willendorf is right near by as well (in a natural history museum with red lights and drums). The whole Museum area is wonderful (and the Belvedere is a great addition as well), but this museum was a sanctuary for me in my time in Vienna. It was so interesting to see the connections between Viennese contemporary art and the art world as a whole.

Of course, the other museum on this list would be Debence Music World in Franklin, Pennsylvania! This museum is sweet and small, but also very thoughtfully run.

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