On a Totally Unrelated Note

by - Friday, January 21, 2011

Last weekend, we made our first loaf of bread. It seemed a little thick to me, so I think that means it needs to rise more? Maybe I need to add more yeast? I will have to try some new things tomorrow. But at least one thing is off my to do list already.

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  1. looks like it definitely needs to rise a bit longer. how long did it take to get to that point?

    more yeast might not help, but the type/freshness of it may. i wrote recently about how i had to let a couple loaves rise for over two hours (the recipe called for one hour) and they were still a little dense. that was using the packaged "red star" yeast. i got some refrigerated yeast from the bulk section of a co-op and it worked A LOT better. to keep the dough warm during the rising process i put mine in the oven to protect it from drafts, then boil a small pot of water and set it on a rack below the dough in the oven. it warms the whole thing up without having to turn the oven on and risk starting the baking process.

    that was really long-winded - sorry! i look forward to reading about your future bread-baking adventures!