5 Things I Love This Week

by - Tuesday, January 25, 2011

1. Roland Barthes' Camera Lucida. I know this is kind of cliche, but I have probably read this book 5 or 6 times now, and every time I get something new out of it. I love his description about the feeling of posing; he says, "Now, once I feel myself observed by the lens, everything changes: I constitute myself in the process of 'posing,' I instantaneously make another body for myself, I transform myself in advance into an image." A great thing to return to in a week like this.

2. The Charlotte Airport- I'm not sure I actually loved this, but I was shocked at how nice this airport was. It was definitely a nice surprise.

3. Cookies and Cream frosting- I made Nick a welcome home cake and I tried a new frosting with smashed up oreos in it. It was a big hit, and looks weirdly beautiful on the outside of the cake. Since most of my baking experiments really don't work, I was happy to have one that turned out pretty awesome.

4. The Boy's family- It was comforting to see them support each other last week; though I think we are relieved to be back to normal life, we both miss them and talk about them a lot. I know that moments like these can be a turning point, but I really believe they will continue on as a family. They really love eachother in a loud, laughing, warm way and I think it will continue on through their kids and grandkids. At least I hope so, because I really think their family dynamic is beautiful.

5. That Carrie Fisher is the new Jenny Craig person- I like anything with her, because she is so smart and hilarious. Though, I hope they let her be her badass self, and don't just have her be whiny until she is skinny.

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