5 Things I Love This Week

by - Tuesday, January 18, 2011

1. Marina Abramovic made me Cry- a great blog that documents all the criers at Abramovic's retrospective. Hilarious in its total drama (in one of the pieces, viewers could sit across the table from the artist) but also pretty thought provoking- exactly why are they crying? A closeness to fame? I am fascinated with how aging performance artists try to cement their legacy when all that remains from their work are documents and the traces left on their aging bodies. Maybe this is too dark, but I wonder if the criers aren't crying for the artist's disappearance which has already happened and will continually repeat as time continues.

2. That we live in a time where I can get plane tickets so quickly, as well as check on our whole family, all by just getting on the internet. I hate to be so far away in times like these, but technology certainly makes it easier to relieve these anxieties.

3. Homemade bread turned into homemade garlic bread.

4. The Boy- I mean, I love him every week, but nothing works like crisis to remind you how much you care about a person. I am just trying to be there for him in any way I can. This afternoon, I need to pack us up so we can take a red-eye home tonight.

5. The Boy's Family- I am just so ready to be there and be a help in any way I can. I'm sorry, I know this list is a downer, but they are really on my mind all the time right now. I know once I get there, I probably won't be that helpful, but I just need to be there to run errands and do grunt work and be useful.

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