5 Things I Love This Week

by - Tuesday, January 11, 2011

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1. Nicki Minaj on Fashion Police. Nick loves guest spots on other rappers' songs (I have to admit, she is always the most interesting part of anything she is in). Last night at like 1 (how can we be back to workaholic mode already?) we watched Fashion Police and she happened to be on. It was like having a real woman sneak in, and her graceful lack of willingness to make fun of people sort of made the other hosts' bitter remarks seem downright foolish. Plus, she was hilarious.

2. Salmon Kabobs and Rice (it was supposed to be quinoa, but we couldn't find quinoa in the store). We are making Peruvian food all week (yes, we do theme food), and I was shocked how well we actually liked it. Plus, our apartment smells pretty amazing from all the onion, cilantro, and citrus we have been cooking with.

3. Everything is Illuminated. Maybe I will blog about this later, but even though I thought it was not a great representation of the subtleties of the book (sort of turning the message away from complicity to one about like cross-cultural male bonds?), there are a few very lovely moments in the movie. It's an extremely difficult tone to maintain, but I liked that Schreiber introduced a trope of exchange to sort of reposition the original letter-writing in the book. I appreciate anything that becomes about archives and gifts, since they are probably my favorite things about things. I also thought Eugene Hutz was both hilarious and beautiful as Alex, and Elijah Wood smartly lets Hutz rule the movie. Like the book, it is really Alex's story, and Hutz gives the character a real depth. So, I would rather read the book (which even itself is kind of grating) than see the movie, but I am glad I saw the movie. Plus, I keep thinking about it, which is a good sign.

4.Nepal added a third gender to their census. How awesome is that? It is nice to see cultures which are more accepting of non-normative gender behavior.

5. Nesting, working, and the Food Network. The Food Network is the perfect background noise for being productive or just talking with the boy. Unless Alton Brown is on. That guy creeps me out to no end. I am not a foodie, I really can't cook, but I find night time cooking shows totally fascinating (or easily subsumed into back ground noise). Either way, yay late night food network viewing.

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