5 Fashionistas I Think Are Awesome

by - Sunday, January 09, 2011

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I feel inspired to make this list after watching 500 Days of Summer and thinking of how lovely looking Zooey Deschanel is. There is something about the way she dresses that is in perfect harmony with the way she looks and sounds. I think that sort of larger unity of personal aesthetics is cool, so rather than think of actresses who I think are good-looking, I tried to think of famousy people who have a real unity of surface. Particularly fashionistas who surface I think really sticks out as being strong, original, and awesome.

1. Louise Brooks- I am pretty sure her hair was actually called a helmet, but who doesn't dig a super graphic bob haircut? Brooks was a big (but somewhat scandalous) silent film star who actually refused to do talkies. So she wasn't heard, just looked at. I don't have any argument for her empowerment, but I am never sorry to see a picture of her (even if a lot of them are in this tutu). She is beautiful, and approaching a hundred years later, there is still something very fresh about her. I think of her style as this sort of body as graphic- using straight lines, black, and white.
2. Zooey Deshanel- I really love her style, which is quirky but feminine. I think she is every hipster girl's style icon, and I am not above that trend. I find all her girly prints and dresses really appealing, though I just don't know whether real life can sustain that sort of whimsy. Unless you ride your cutesy bicycle in the park everyday or walk your cutesy dog while listening to your cutesy music. But I won't lie, I love the cutesiness.
3. Grace Jones- I can remember watching her chunk of the Pee Wee Herman Christmas Special (oh yeah, marvel at my cultured-ness) and just being so confused but engrossed. She wore this dress that defied gravity and was totally stiff. I still can see it in my head. I loved/hated it then, but the older I get, the more I appreciate the simple fantasticness of just being different. Jones's androgyny and gorgeous skin only add to her appeal. No other fashion Icon has come after her that comes close, and I think that's amazing. She seems kind of like what Lady Gaga or Rhianna wish they were.
4. Angelica Huston. When I look at pictures of her from the 70's she looks like one of those people that is too good looking to see in real life, but I think what strikes me about her is how unbelievably composed, gorgeous, and natural she looks now. I think the naturalness comes from her countenance and her cheekbones, but there is something so graceful about her. All of her fabrics even have a close fit and easy flow.
5. Cristina Hendricks- People need to stop calling her "curvy" and just call her awesome (or maybe normal). She really is gorgeous, and it is more interesting to see what she is wearing because she just loves color and she works her body. As a person who is not exactly slight, I find her pride in her body encouraging, but I hope her success isn't cheap tokenism. Because I think she is beyond that- like we don't all need to point out that they let a non-waif in the club every time she shows up to something. But I think she owns it and transcends it simultaneously, which is probably part of the appeal. But I could see a lot of her sort of contemporary/retro chic red carpet wear all season long.

Obviously, I could go on and on. I mean, I feel like I could probably write a blog on what I find beautiful about any person, these are just ones who came easily to mind when I started thinking about what a fashionista would mean to me (a person who spent the day in penguin pajama pants). I know it's cliche, but I truly believe women are socialized to covertly compete with and judge one another. For like two years I have been making an active effort to think very specifically about the positives, the beauty, in people. I like that, and it's not particularly hard to do.

And i worry that what I am really praising here is people's ability to market themselves effectively, which isn't a real prize, but I think what I admire in these women is that they seem to have a good grasp on who they are, even though who they are doesn't necessarily fit into the regular types (though I think could easily be contested). I think being yourself so stalwartly takes a lot of courage, so maybe that is what I am really getting at. Or, I just need an excuse to talk about how badass Grace Jones is.

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